Our Expertise


For over fifteen years, PolyMIM, as a part of the Polymer Group, has been extremely successful in providing metal compounds for the metal injection industry.

Since our founding in 2005, we have been growing at an extraordinary rate. Together with our customers, we have built a broad spectrum of solutions and have created new compounds (feedstock) for tailored applications.

We at PolyMIM create not only standard metal compounds but also cost efficient metal compounds according to customer specifications with high quality standards.

Our product portfolio includes low alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, tungsten carbides, copper, titanium and titanium alloys. 

We produce our materials on two different debinding systems. The environmentally friendly water-soluble debinding system polyMIM and the catalytic debinding system polyPOM. Both systems allow individual solutions for a large number of applications. 

The newest product line, GranuPrint, meets all expectations for the 3D-Printing industry and is based on our know-how of the water soluble binder system.

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Our materials are used in diverse markets and industries.

Our core sales areas are aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics. We are also experiencing noticeable growth in the sectors fashion and luxury goods.